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Real Estate is in our DNA

Heather grew up in Real Estate with both parents having licenses. Naturally she would pick up the business and take it to new levels. Now she puts the same hard work and determination on your properties. However owners, tenants and properties are very important to her. She works hard to make sure all three are taken care of and treated exceptionally. It is this level of service and passion that Heather and all of HCH Management put into protecting and growing the investments they are entrusted with.

You combine that with a unique marketing approach that covers multiple platforms and styles and you have a winning combination that can get your property rented, fast.

We have had the pleasure of doing business with Heather for about 9 years now. She has seen us through 3 rentals, and 2 sales. I trust her immensely! We found her after our former property manager failed us and our tenants badly with poor communication and no follow through. She is on top of everything. Ahead of time. She’s great at communicating and I swear has a spidy-sence for good and bad tenants. Trust me on this, you want her caring for your property! – Alita, Fallbrook.

Susan (Heather) Carroll – Lead Broker DRE# 018863848

Heather is awesome and here lists a tons of reasons why!

Mike Carroll – Broker, Marketing DRE# 01863840

Hi friends reading my bio. As it says my name is Mike and while also a Broker, I handle the marketing for Heather Carroll Homes. I am in the entertainment business and something I have always known how to do is get attention (See mom and dad, all that time in school I got in trouble I was practicing for the future). I started marketing properties back in 2008 when Heather and I got married.  At the time she took on a new owner who was struggling to fill their vacancies. I came in and looked at the way they marketed their properties and saw old methods that not only cost more but weren’t as effective.  After revamping their marketing efforts we were able to almost eliminate their marketing costs but most importantly we greatly reduced the time their properties were vacant, and they weren’t making money.

We use traditional methods like real estate specific websites, but we also use non traditional methods, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

I love my family, movies, music, Hockey, Baseball and College Football.

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